Regal Beloit


Regal Beloit’s roots, more than half a century ago, originated in the domestic manufacture of metal cutting tools. In 1955 it would have been hard to imagine that the company would evolve into a world leader in electric motors, motion control solutions and power generations.

Nowadays,Regal Beloit has 63 manufacturing bases and 16 engineering centers in U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India and China etc. There are approx. 25,000 employees around the world. Sales revenue in 2012 was $3.2 billion, and received award of 400 top company by Forbes as well as “America’s Fastest Growing Companies” by Fortune Magazine in 2007.

Regal Beloit mainly produces electric motors, generators, gear boxes and control components etc., which are widely applied in electricity, port machinery, metallurgy, equipment manufacture, mining and so on.

Regal Beloit takes multi-brand marketing strategy, and an aggressive program of acquisitions. He has successfully acquired over 40 companies in past 30 years, and became a listed company at NYSE since 2005.

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